7 Best Mileage Bikes in India (2014 Bike Mileage Quest)

7 Best Mileage Bikes in India (2014 Bike Mileage Quest)

Finding out the best mileage bike among all the existing models is not at all an easy job; rather it takes considerable amount of effort and time that must be put in extensive research before reaching a decisive point.

The relation of mileage and engine capacity

It becomes necessary to point out at the very outset that while talking about the best mileage bike, it is very relevant to consider the capacity of the engine which is expressed in the unit of cubic capacity or more popularly known as “cc”. And it is known to us that higher the “cc” lesser the mileage.

The chosen models for the study

So it won’t be wise to go for higher cc bikes as we are concentrating on mileage factor and looking for a bike that offers the best mileage. Therefore we will keep our study limited within the bikes having 125cc at most because such bikes are generally fuel-efficient and bikes beyond that capacity are not. So we will make a comparative study on those bikes and try to come to a conclusion regarding the best mileage bike.

The price, an indispensable factor

Extra very essential aspect to be considered while choosing an efficient bike is its price because even if you are emphasizing on the mileage, the price is always a predominant factor while you are making any purchase decision.

The research

So taking the mileage and the price into consideration, a comparative chart has been created after gathering information from the manufacturers’ websites and the entire research work is based on that secondary data collected online. The chart consists of some fuel-efficient bikes all within the capacity of 125cc along with their mileage (as claimed by the manufacturer) and ex-showroom price (applicable for Kolkata). Before choosing the following models, all the models of most of the manufacturers are studied thoroughly and carefully so as to put them in this chart because indiscriminate selection would render the entire study as futile.

Bajaj Discover 125

Mileage   :   76kmpl.

Price       :   Rs.  51,683.

Bajaj Discover 100

Mileage   :   91kmpl.

Price       :   Rs. 45,974.

Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Discover

Hero Glamour FI125

Mileage   :  82kmpl.

Price       :   Rs. 62,680.

TVS Phoenix 125

Mileage   :  67 kmpl

Price       :  Rs. 51,630

Bajaj Platina 100

Mileage    :  90 kmpl

Price        :  Rs.41,526

Hero HF-Dawn 97.2cc

Mileage   :  75kmpl.

Price       :  38,943.

Hero Moto
Hero Moto

Yamaha Crux

Mileage   :   90kmpl.                  Mileage     :    65kmpl

Price       :   Rs. 45,361.             Price         :    Rs.40935.


The analysis

If you study the above chart you can see that the two models seem most efficient when compared with the others. They stand on the higher rank after giving them the combined consideration of mileage and price.

The models are Platina 100 and Discover 100- both the models are from Bajaj which has always remained at the top of the victory stand when fuel efficiency as well as price is concerned. Though the model Hero HF-Dawn 97.2cc is lowest on price but falls far behind in mileage.

The only one which is nearest to the Bajaj models, is HeroSplendor Pro both in terms of mileage and price But if you consider on long term basis, Splendor Pro will also lag behind the above said Bajaj models because Hero two wheelers are more expensive in maintenance and recurring cost which are comparatively low on Bajaj motor cycles.

So the savings gained from its mileage will be spend out for its maintenance cost and expensive spare parts, so what’s the point in having that mileage if it fails to tell the ultimate words on overall basis?

The verdict

Therefore all this analytical discussion takes us to the final decision that the two Bajaj models namely Platina 100 and Discover 100 stand as indisputable winners in the arena of best mileage bike in India.

And it is also a matter of fact that it is because of this rare combination of mileage and price, as offered by none of its competitors that has fetched Bajaj a winning success in the two wheeler market and resulted in an ever-increasing growth in terms of sales and revenue in their business and left also left others far behind.


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