Save Your Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo) From Being Hacked

Save Your Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo) From Being Hacked

Starting with the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.Today I am going to tell you how to save your Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, Yahoo etc.) from being hacked..!!

But before that let me tell you that no one can hack your account unless and until you help them !! Yes, you help them to hack your account.

So i am going to write few very important steps and precautions for saving your account.

Important Precautions to Save Your Social Account from Being Hacked:

bilal-khalid-dar1. Guys, First of all, there are “NO HACKING SOFTWARES” which can hack any account with just one click. Do not try to explore and go for such software. The “HACKERS” just try to send a Key loggers or RATs, and you might be screwed easily.

2. Always check the URL of the social website you are logging in. e.g for Facebook, it should be . If you see something else in your address bar,e.g e.t.c then it means someone is trying to hack you via “Phishing”. So watch it.

3. Choose a strong Password, containing letters, numbers and special symbols. So it will become difficult for anyone to crack..!! Do not use mobile numbers, roll numbers or your closest person name. Because they are easy to guess and you might be screwed up easily.

4. Hide your Email Address.

5. Provide all necessary details, e.g Cell Number, Date of Birth, Secret Questions. Hide them all and remember them. It will help you to retrieve your account if someone tries to hack you.

6. Do not add unknown people on social accounts e.g. Facebook, Skype e.t.c.

7. At last, avoid clicking the suspicious links. Do not help anyone to play with you.

Stay Safe and Enjoy using Internet. Stay Blessed. 🙂

A Word from Author:

My name is Ļucifeŕ Đċbbķđ and I am a student and Technology expert. Connect with me on Facebook here. Feel free to ask any questions about internet and software related problems.

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