HTC One M9 promotional and commercial video leaked. HTC quickly managed to remove it from Twitter and YouTube, but users are even quicker to download and upload it again.

HTC One M9 is expected to appear on March 1 at MVC 2015, in Barcelona.

This video seems to look a strong indication that HTC One M9 apparently looks like M8. The leaked images and videos are enough to feel the look and some of new camera features of M9. Of course, it will be more powerful and stylish smartphone than the former ones, including HTC One M8.

HTC took an ultra-fast reaction to these leaks and managed to remove the video. Twitter account holder also had to suffer from suspension of account. But all in vain. People were smart enough to download and re-upload these stuff on other channels, and now on YouTube as well. The Twitter account is also reported to be restored after temporary suspension.

HTC One M9 leaked specifications
HTC One M9 Specs Leaked

This leak reveals the following features and specifications of HTM One M9:

  • Metal body with two tone finished
  • UltraPixel front camera
  • 20 megapixel main snapper (back camera)
  •  BoomSound speakers

HTC M9 is also assumed to have following hardware specs:

  1. 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor
  2. 32GB of internal memory
  3. 3GB RAM

Some people found saying these videos and images fake. But by the way of video ad, it’s clear that it was made on professional basis and that handset is the brand new model. Moreover, the reaction of HTC by removing video from YouTube and Twitter’s suspension of account clearly indicate that it was a leaked video of upcoming HTC One M9 phone.

Anyhow, time will decide the truth. So let’s wait a bit and see what appears on the scene.

Do you believe this is the upcoming model from HTC? Majority of public seems to believe this leak to be true. Please share your opinion about this in the comments below.


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