How to Get Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10?

How to Get Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10?

Desktop Gadgets are by default not available in Windows 10. Microsoft is not in favor of it and stopped this feature after Windows 7 (Windows 8 and 8.1). But you can still get Gadgets for desktop in Windows 10.

Desktop Gadgets Overview

It actually introduced first in Windows Vista, the successor of the legendary Windows XP. It was a set of many desktop elements which not only were useful for computing but also decorate the screen.

Main Elements

Here are some main and most useful elements:

  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • CPU statistics meter
  • Currency converter
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Slide Show
  • Weather

GadgetsWindows 10


Some remarkable features are:

  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Optimum use of resources
  • Colors and customization
  • Configurable
  • System integration

There is a lot more available which can be installed from the web.


The only drawback of Windows desktop gadgets is a security risk (as told by Microsoft). That’s why using it was discouraged by Microsoft itself. Not only this but some tweaks and tools were also introduced to completely uninstall desktop gadgets from Windows OS.

However, as a general opinion, relying on only official gadgets might be safe. So if you are a big fan then consider installing either official gadgets or ones offered from trusted sources.

screenGadgets for Win10

Do you Really Need to use Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10?

Windows 7 gadgets were replaced with live tiles in Windows 8 and next versions including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Live tiles are much better and reliable choice as compared to the former. It offers a huge variety of features that are safe to use, and enhancing by the time.

But if you still miss those colorful and shiny gadgets on the desktop then you are still lucky though, these are still alive and some trusted websites offer it.

How to Bring Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10?

Several tools are available over the Internet, but I would recommend two of them, which I found the best to use.

Desktop Gadgets Installer

It’s one of the best known tools offering typical gadgets which you see in Windows 7 and want to bring them to Windows 10.

Features of Desktop Gadget Installer

  • Native look
  • Context menu integration
  • Show/Hide from desktop context menu > View > Show desktop gadgets
  • Almost 500 gadgets available and can be downloaded using a link given in the program UI.

Download Desktop Gadget Installer

download button technodoze


8GadegetPack was originally designed for Windows 8/8.1, but it’s valid and works in Windows 10 as well.

Features of 8GadgetPack

  • Easy to use
  • Context menu integration
  • About 45 beautiful items come pre-packed when you install the software

Download 8GadgetPack

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