Outlook 2013: How to Hide Email Addresses from Recipients

Outlook 2013: How to Hide Email Addresses from Recipients

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Sometimes we need to send a single email copy to many people. It can either be accomplished by sending a separate copy to every contact or multiple email addresses can be added to recipient box and all of them will receive their separate copy of the same email. The first method is time consuming, but safe for contacts privacy. The second method is fast; however, it can make your recipients unhappy or annoyed if they don’t like you to disclose their email address to everybody who was sent the copy of that email. You may also have observed that in Outlook, when multiple email addresses are added to recipient box, all recipients can see the whole list of email addresses who were sent that mail. It’s not desirable and causes social and ethical misunderstandings and other problems.

It could be nice if there were a way that can hide each email address from other recipients. People should have to focus on email message instead of peeping into others addresses and bothering them. Fortunately, it’s possible. You can make email addresses undisclosed to others by using a simple but less known useful method. It is known as Bcc. You can insert all your recipients’ addresses to Bcc field and send mail safely. Nobody will be able to see other addresses. Let’s learn how to do this.

How Send Bcc Mail in Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook. Click on ‘People’ in navigation bar.

People’ in navigation bar

  • Click on ‘New Contact’. Enter your own e-mail address in the E-Mail filed and save.

New Email Contact

  • In navigation bar, click on ‘Mail’.

New mail

  • Now click on ‘New Email’. Compose the mail that you want to send.

create new eamil

  • Select the ‘To’ box and click the contact that you just created with your own email address.

You might be wondering that there is no Bcc box. To add this, click on ‘OPTIONS’ tab and select ‘Bcc’.


As you click it, the Bcc box will appear below the CC field.

Now add the contacts you want to send mail without disclosing other email addresses. You can choose people from contacts or manually add email addresses one by one, or if you have saved them in some text file, copy and paste them to Bcc field. You can also insert distribution list that works like adding a group of contacts. Choose whatever method you like to add addresses and forget about disclosure the privacy of your contact addresses.

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