How to Run Microsoft Office on Linux, Android, iPad and Chromebook for Free!

How to Run Microsoft Office on Linux, Android, iPad and Chromebook for Free!

Microsoft Office on Linux

Microsoft Office is a clear leader when it comes to compare different packages for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or other popular platforms. There are a many competitors and some of them work really well. But still can’t beat MS Office due to its versatility and modern tools.

LibreOffice is very close in features and provides some extra tools too! But it has some shortcomings and drawbacks that are reported by users and are being worked on. So most of us are familiar with MS Office suite and wish to use it when we can.

Microsoft is expanding its Office suite for more devices to enhance its exposure but this is still in process. Linux has built-in LibreOffice and that works great. But users still want to use MS-Office in other operating systems such as Linux, iPad, Chromebook, Android etc. Well, we hope that these systems will get it soon, but for now, here is a quick solution that enables you to run Microsoft Office in any operating system.

Though it makes possibility, but you need to have an internet connection to use it. It’s actually Microsoft Online! You can use it in your browser by having an Outlook account. As it is browser based, so you can use it on any device that has popular browser support. It’s not restricted to Internet Explorer, but you can use it on Firefox, Chrome and Safari etc.

Office Online looks almost same as the desktop version of Microsoft Office. it is a response to rapid growing Google Docs. It contains Work, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications. Other applications are not included in it yet.

The advantage of this online office is that you can use it anywhere on any operating system just on behalf of the web browser. It does not contain sophisticated features as compared to desktop full version. But most of people don’t need those features. It has been observed that online office helps users with most used features that an average user needs. Those who are looking for complicated and advanced features have no way other than using desktop version or use alternative suits on Linux or other operating systems. Moreover, it can’t be used offline. Internet connection is needed to work with this. On the other hand, Google Docs has capability to work offline.

Though there are some limitations but for normal use, Online Office is a great solution that works on all platforms and does not require any installation on the device.

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