Disable Notification & Action Center in Windows 10

Disable Notification & Action Center in Windows 10

Notification and Action Center is one of the most remarkable additions to Windows 10. It’s liked very much and users have been appreciating this feature.

It’s worth keeping, yet some users find it annoying and don’t need to use it at all. If you’re one of them, you might have tried to disable it and remove notifications icon from the Taskbar, but there is no direct method to disable Notification and Action Center from Taskbar in Windows 10. However, there is a trick that will help you get rid of this feature.

A brief overview of Notification and Action Center in Windows 10

If you still don’t know about this feature, look at the right side of the Taskbar, you’ll see an icon just like the screenshot below (or similar with inverted colors). This is Notification and Action Center.

notification center icon

The color of this icon is inverted according to its current state. If there are pending notifications which you have not viewed yet, the icon color will be white with dark lines inside it. But when there are no new notifications, the icon will exactly look like you see in the image above.

Here is a full view of notification center:

action center notifcations pending    no new notifications in action center

It’s quite pretty and handy panel which allows you to perform various tasks from a single place. It might be called the dashboard of your Windows PC.

How to Disable Notification and Action Center in Windows 10

There is no straight method to disable this feature, yet there is a trick that will remove this feature for your convenience. Actually, it’s a registry tweak (aka registry hack, but it sounds a bit awkward).

If you’re not familiar with registry modifications, don’t worry, following steps will get your job done. The only thing to be aware of at this point is: Be careful, playing with registry editor can ruin your operating system software.

Open Windows Search from Taskbar and type Regedit and select Registry Editor from the search results. See the screenshot below.

open registry editor in Windows 10

Now navigate to the following key:


Right click on right pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit). This will create a new key.

Right click on the new created item and rename it to DisableNotificationCenter.

Open or edit this key and set its value to 1.

Hit OK button to save changes and close the Registry Editor (regedit).

Now you have successfully disabled the Notification and Action Center feature in Windows 10. A system Restart might be required to complete the operation and see the result in action.

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