How to Add Watermark to Word 2013 Documents?

How to Add Watermark to Word 2013 Documents?

Watermarking Microsoft Word is a convenient way to add personal or company logo to show authorship in documents. These can also be used to show the status of files such as draft, confidential etc. This tutorial will help you add pre-defined or custom text and image watermarks to Word 2013; and how to remove them.add remove watermark to word

What is Watermark?

It is a semi-transparent or faded background text or image that is placed behind your document’s content. It can be a name, logo or anything else. It’s semitransparent and doesn’t affect readability so much. It can be resembled to some water that stays on a vehicle’s body, you can see through it but can’t ignore it.

Why to Add Watermark to Documents?

Adding watermark to Word documents is desirable in many ways. Basic objects are to notify readers what type of document it is. It can be a draft copy, a teamwork sheet or final document. Sometimes, especially in case of printable and protected documents, the document producer wish to add some text or image watermark that preserves the identity of original work producer and saves other people to use the document with their own name; that’s unfair. Objectives can be unlimited, it depends on your creativity and requirements.

How to Insert Watermark in Word?

Let’s learn how to insert a watermark in the page. Please follow the steps given below:

Open the document you want to watermark.

Click on ‘DESIGN’ tab.

In ‘Page Background’ section, click on ‘Watermark’.


A Printed Watermark’ box will pop up with some pre-defined watermarks (having label of confidential, do not copy etc.) with some extra options below.

sample of wmark

Choose some of these if suits your document’s purpose. Just click it and it will be applied to the whole document.

Creating a Custom Watermark

Custom watermark option allows you to personalize with your desired text or image. It can be a logo, photo or anything else. In order to create a custom one, follow these steps; similar to given above steps:

Open the document you want to watermark.

Click on ‘DESIGN’ tab.

In ‘Page Background’ section, click on ‘Watermark’.

Click on ‘Custom Watermark’. A ‘Printed Watermark’ box will appear with text and image watermark options.

custom watermarks

Difference between Pre-Defined Vs. Custom

The difference between pre-defined and custom watermarks is quite obvious. Custom watermarks allow you to put anything including text or image to your documents. While pre-defined ones have default text such as ‘do not copy’ or ‘confidential’ etc. these can be quickly applied if you find it suitable in any case.

Text Watermark

Text watermarks add text with different options such as language selection, fonts, text size and color. You can toggle text transparency and switch between diagonal or horizontal layouts.

text watermark

Image Watermark

Images are more interesting and interesting as compared to text watermarks. You can browse to search and select picture both online and offline. Online search allows you browse Bing and other online resources to search and select picture from the web. Image size and washout options can be selected for further adjustments.

picture watermark


How to Remove Watermark Image/Text in Word?

If you want to remove watermark due to some reason, you can do it easily. For your ease, let’s elaborate these steps in details:

Open the document you want to remove watermark.

Click on ‘DESIGN’ tab.

In ‘Page Background’ section, click on ‘Watermark’.

Select ‘Remove Watermark’ and the next moment, you will see clean document without watermarks.

remove watermark

Hopefully you will find this tutorial helpful. We tried to elaborate every necessary detail. But if you have any question, feedback or another trick to add/remove watermark to Microsoft Word document, we encourage you to share with us. Thanks!

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