How to Lock Apps in iPhone 5s using Fingerprint Lock

How to Lock Apps in iPhone 5s using Fingerprint Lock

In this easy tip I am going to explain to you that how can you lock your apps on iPhone 5S and only unlock them by your Finger Print.

Sounds nice, yeah??

Its now just a tap away to lock and unlock your iPhone apps. All this is achieved through a premium iPhone app named BioLockdown which is a premium app and can be used easily.

Method to Lock or Unlock Apps in iPhone 5S using Fingerprint Lock:


You have to adapt the following method:

Things You Need:

You need a Jailbroken iPhone 5S or iPhone 5. If you need to get help regarding jailbreaking you might consult our jailbreak section.

If you have already got a Jailbroken device, you can proceed furthur.

Step 1: Purchase, Download and Install BioLockDown:

1) Open Cydia app

2) Search for BioLockDown

3) Tap Purchase

4) Pay for it.

5) Tap confirm.

6) Restart your device.


Step 2: Lock Apps:

1) Go To Settings.

2) Enable BioLockdown.

3) Tap New Restrictions.

4) Select the apps you want to lock.

5) Once you have selected, Go back and Tap those apps to see whether they give you an option or not

Hope you liked my tip!

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