Get iPhone Screen on Windows PC or Mac using AirPlay and LonelyScreen

Get iPhone Screen on Windows PC or Mac using AirPlay and LonelyScreen

Playing and recording iPhone / iPad screens on Mac or Windows PC isn’t a dream anymore! LonelyScreen and AirPlay are ready to show this miracle.

AirPlay is limited to a few devices that keep you bound within their orbit. You can cast iPhone or iPad screen to your Windows PC directly. But that’s not the end of story, LonelyScreen is a desktop software to record iPhone/iPad screen using AirPlay and broadcast to desktop Windows PC and Mac. MacBook and Laptop have no¬†exception, of course.

How to setup AirPlay and LenleyScreen?

There isn’t anything complicated, yet some setup and configuration is required for the first time or later.


LonelyScreen should be installed on your desktop (Mac or PC). However, you’ll not need to perform any installation on iPhone as AirPlay comes pre-installed on these devices or you can get it from App Store if it isn’t installed on your device.


AirPlay only supports iPhone 4 or later, including iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

How to use AIrPlay to Broadcast iPhone Screen to Windows PC or Mac?

  • Download LonelyScreen from this website and install on your PC or Mac.
  • Give a name to your LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.
  • Now open Control Center on your iPhone and select AirPlay.

NOTE: Make sure your iPhone and LonelyScreen PC or Mac are connected to the same WiFi network, otherwise either AirPlay option will not be available in Control Center or you will have to encounter with some other errors resulting in connection failure.

  • You’ll see the name of your LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver in AirPlay.

iPhone Screen on Windows PC or Mac

That’s it.¬†Now you can view iPad/iPhone screen on desktop computer/laptop.

How to Record iPhone Screen on Windows PC or Mac?

If you want to record some tutorial, game or anything from your iPhone with higher and wide resolution, then you’re just a push of button away from your silly yet realistic desire. Just use ‘Record‘ button to record anything playing on iPhone to Mac or PC.

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