Facebook introduces new “Disaster Security Check” feature

Facebook introduces new “Disaster Security Check” feature

Most of the popular websites keep updating their content and try to introduce more and more features into their websites. But Facebook has left behind all of its competitors in serving its users privacy, security and various tweaks to help them out.

Recently, Facebook introduced a “Safety Check” feature that will allow you to report to your family and friends that you are safe for when some disaster happens in your area.

How Facebook Disaster Security Check works???

If there is a natural Disaster near your area, Facebook asks you that are you safe or not, and in this way your condition is known to your friends and family and possibly rescue teams in case of danger.

So you can connect with your loved ones and friends during disaster. This type of response Facebook will offer to you if it finds out you are in a disastrous area:

Facebook Disaster Check
Facebook Disaster Check

After you selecting “I’m Safe”, Facebook will let know your friends about your safety.

So this step of Facebook is a leverage of Facebook’s repute for the good of its users and this is a good step of Social service by Facebook. I think that these efforts of Facebook will strengthen the confidence of people more on Facebook.

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