How to Improve Online Learning Experience

How to Improve Online Learning Experience

Today internet has enabled us to accomplish lots of things that were earlier not in our reach. Online education is one of these things, as the impeccable technology has allowed thousands of people to improve their knowledge and skills without leaving their homes.

Online Learning

In spite of this huge benefit, many still criticize online learning because it does not offer in-person interaction. However, with the use of latest multimedia tools now one can enjoy the interactive experience that was initially available in the traditional classrooms only.

Online Tools for Boosting Classroom Based Learning Experience:

Besides this, one can also boost their classroom-based learning experience by using various online tools.


(a) Podcast is one of the latest digital mediums that can help you improve your online learning experience. This can be judged from the fact that you can select a topic and record it in your voice with the help of a microphone, sound editor such as Audacity that can be downloaded free of charge and a computer. Then, share that recoded lecture or lesson through an audio sharing website like So people can download your recorded podcast to a CD or MP3 player in order to listen to it even when they are on the move.

Video Learning:

(b) Another way to engage trainees is by recording the videos of a lecture or lesson. You can record it with the help of a video camera and then, transfer it to the video editor of your PC. Where, you can use iMovie, if you have a Mac or Microsoft’s Movie Maker in case you have a Windows-based computer. With the help of transitions you can easily connect different clips of the video and present it as one project. You can also add subtitles to the video with cool text tools. Once it’s done then, share it through a video-sharing websites such as YouTube. Some video editors share the videos over video-sharing websites by design.

A prime example of engaging people into online education is Pakistan based initiative ninthd (9th D) that has launched international certifications in blended model. So they can not only learn through online course material and lectures, but also by visiting satellite campuses of ninthd. Where, trainees get to interact with their peers and some international students too.


(c) Blog is another medium to engage interaction. Thus, you should setup a blog for class by signing up a free of charge blog hosting account like or You can use that blog to post resources relevant to a course and allow students to discuss about it by using the comments section. Besides this, you can also allow students to sign up individual blogs, so they share their observations regarding a coursework.


(d) You can also go with wiki when it comes to collaboration, as it enables multiple users to post content to a site that has a simple interface. One best example in this regard is of that offers wikis for K-12 training without charging a single penny. Also, students can sign for a classroom wiki to have a collaborative website for a specific topic rather than writing usual research paper.

Web Conferencing:

(e) Online education can become more engaging of students or trainees use web conferencing software to hold their meetings. With the help of the software students can host a class session online in order to meet one another in virtual space at one time. Yuuguu is a fine example of web conferencing account, as you can sign up for it free of charge. People involved in the meeting can interact with each other by using a phone, text chat or voice chat. The best part about the web conferencing software is that students can share useful web pages, PowerPoint presentations and streaming audios through it.

Khurram Shahzad

Name is Khurram Shahzad and I work for ninthd (9th D) is a Lahore, Pakistan based private concern that has formed partnerships with leading foreign institutes to offer international certifications in English and Urdu languages. The idea behind the project is to offer one million online courses in Pakistan in next five years by setting up 6,000 satellite campuses and using technology.

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