Why Galaxy Note 4 Gets Slower with Time?

Why Galaxy Note 4 Gets Slower with Time?

Is Galaxy Note 4 getting slow and takes much time to perform tasks? Let’s find the factors affecting Galaxy Note 4 speed.

First of all, let’s correct ourselves about the term ‘Time’. Time actually doesn’t physically slows down its performance. It’s you and us who make this happen. Whenever we change some settings, install new apps or games, remove apps/games or do anything that involves processing and change to the device, it directly or indirectly impacts the performance of the device.

Galaxy Note 4 slow speed reason

Here are some reasons and phenomena that cause Samsung Galaxy S4 slow:

Heavy Home App

negative effect of Heavy home app launcher

Home app is mostly used app in any Android device. If you’re running a Home app that’s eats up system resources badly then it will be ranked No. 1 reason why your Android phone is slow.

Un-Tweaked Download Configuration

optimize download setting in Note 4 Samsung

Do you know Galaxy Note 4 has special download tweak that can boost download speed up to 30 MB faster (depending on your network speed)? If you’re not availing yourself from this tweak, chances are you’ll be facing slower download speed on your Galaxy Note 4.

Junk Stuff

delete junk files

Junk stuff is a sort of garbage of leftovers in your Android device. Such files are an extra burden that not only takes up free space but also can consume system resources.

Apps not Updated

Update outdated apps in Galaxy 4

Do you have old versions of apps on your Note 4 and have not updated for long time? Old apps can be incompatible with latest OS updates and can cause security issues, as well as privacy leaks.


Galaxy Note 4 get rid of animations

Animations have always been a disputed feature between beauty and performance. Animations make your device perform slower while disabling animations on Galaxy Note 4 can make transitioning effects quite boring. So make a wise selection where you need animation and where to disable it from.

Unwanted Apps

delete useless apps note 4

If you are a type of person who always feels joy to experiment various apps and games for exploring something interesting? Well, experiments are good and exploring new things is even better. But it might not be good enough for your Note 4 device. Every time you install a new app it might change some settings and memory space, and when you remove apps there might be some leftovers and changed settings that remain there as a useless stuff. This adds an extra burden on your device and slows it down.

How to Speed up your Galaxy Note 4?

It’s obvious that you’ll have to resolve all issues mentioned above in order to boost your Galaxy Note 4 speed. You’re highly recommended to checkout our guide on How to make Galaxy Note 4 to Super Fast.

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