How to set more Memory to Chrome for Android

How to set more Memory to Chrome for Android

Chrome can operate even faster if you allocate more memory to perform its operations. By default, Chrome uses 64MB memory (Physical memory or RAM). But you can allocate more memory depending on the memory size specs of your device.

Chrome is pretty fast browser for mobile and desktop. It has been winning the speed competition for years. Speed is the core feature of this browser. Yet there are some tweaks that can make Chrome faster.

By default, total 64 Megabytes memory is specified for browsing activities. It is fair for almost all devices ranging from low specs devices to very high speed devices. But why rely on so small memory when your device has a huge memory to handle a variety of tasks? You should utilize the optimum amount of memory in order to get most out of your favorite browser.

Chrome Android can take more memory

Note: Before tweaking Chrome, make sure you device has more than 64 MB of memory. Moreover, the following tutorial involves advanced settings, accessing these settings is not recommended for novices and beginners. You’ll have to take care of what you’ll be doing with flags options. Follow the given steps carefully and don’t play with other options unless you’re an advanced user and have sufficient knowledge about these settings, otherwise you can break the things in the browser that may open backdoors for hackers. Be patient and follow each step carefully, one by one.

How to Allocate more Memory to Chrome for Android

  • Type the following command in browser address bar and hit Go.


  • Tap the menu icon and select ‘Find in page’ option.
  • Type ‘maximum tiles’ in the search box of Find in page to show matching results.
  • When you find ‘Maximum tiles for interest area’, tap the dropdown icon.
  • Select the appropriate memory amount for Chrome.
  • Tap Relaunch Now at the bottom of the page to restart the browser.

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