How to make your Android Phone Safe for Kids

How to make your Android Phone Safe for Kids

Learn how to handle your Android phone/tablet safely to your children and get it back without losing apps, settings or anything else.

Phones are a great way to keep your children quiet while you’re working or driving. Android phones have a lot of games and fun apps that can keep kids happy for hours.

Android safe for kids

But kids are sma rt enough to become a phone engineer. Most of times they get into security settings and make some serious changes. When you get your phone back to make some important call or text, you encounter with a such a drastic change that you feel yourself out of control. This can throw you in a awkward situation where you have to spend hours or even days to bring your Android phone back in a working state for you.

All this happens often and it doesn’t seem to stop anywhere near in future until humans become able to give birth to pre-educated kids who can handle everything as nice as their parents would do. And we all know it isn’t gonna happen on this planet. So there should be some alternative way to safe your phone from your children.

There is a very simple solution, do not give your phone to your kids. But we don’t want it happen. Here we have a better solution for you that is favorable for you, your phone and your kids as well.

There are a lot of security options to prevent security settings access. All new Android versions, especially Lolipop has a fairly secured layer to protect your phone settings and apps to be changed or removed accidentally by your kids.

Set up a new User Account for your Kids (Android Lolipop)

Setting up separate user account for your kids is the best way to make your Android phone safe for your kids. This option is available in Android Lolipop. It helps you secure your Android phone without using any app from third party.

Creating a separate user account will allow you the following benefits:

  • Disable calling and SMS feature. This would be a great comfort for your soul.
  • Restricting specific apps. You can choose which apps will be allowed to run and vice versa.
  • No access to Google Play Store.
  • Restricting access to system settings.

Hopefully after learning this method your fear of handling your Android phone to your kids will vanish and you’ll get your phone back without losing anything mentioned above.

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