Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Android for distraction free reading

Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Android for distraction free reading

Tweaks to enable Reader mode in Chrome for Android using flags page. Make Chrome browser open pages in Reader mode without third-party extensions.

Have you ever found a useful website that you used to visit on your desktop computer without any problem, but you can’t see that website content in Chrome browser for Android? Wish there was a mobile friendly version available for such sites but it’s developers of that website who can do this, not you. You have to make that content easier to read for you by doing something on your end. Alternatively, you can rely on browser to help you with its tools to make website easily readable.

Though most of the websites have mobile friendly version, you may discover some sites with useful stuff but without a mobile friendly interface. Such pages can be really hard to read. Enabling reader mode in Chrome for Android will help you render any supported page in a distraction free mode. You’ll find this mode easy on eyes too.

Chrome reader mode in Android

Reader mode is not new in web browsers. Mozilla Firefox already has this feature in both mobile and desktop versions. Chrome also has this feature but it’s still in test process. That’s why it’s not available in settings just like other options. But you can still enable this feature using advanced settings.

How to Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Android

Reader mode option is not directly available in Chrome for Android. However it exists in browser and can be activated by using a bit advanced method. Make sure you do it right otherwise you might break settings.

  • Type the following line in address bar of Chrome and hit Go.


  • Ignore the warning message.
  • Tap the menu icon and select ‘Find in Page’ option.
  • Type ‘Reader mode’ in search box. A list will appear, Look for ‘Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon’ and enable it.
  • Tap on ‘Relaunch Now’ on bottom of flags page.

Chrome Reader mode enable

Now whenever you open a webpage that is supported for Reader mode, an icon of letter ‘A’ will appear in the toolbar. Most of sites support reader mode. When you press the ‘A’ icon in the toolbar, the opened page will be rendered in Reader mode.

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