How to use Chrome Reduce data usage

How to use Chrome Reduce data usage

Reduce data usage in Chrome for Android. A webpage compression technology that will cut about 50% of your Internet bills costs.

Remember Opera Mini? Yes it stills exists. The most convenient feature of Opera Mini is it’s data compression technology. When you open some webpage, the page first goes to Opera servers where it is compressed and then passed to your browser. The result is saving in data usage cost as well as faster loading of pages.

Data compression is a great way to load pages faster, especially for mobile networks that usually suffer from low bandwidth problems. Such users can make their browsing faster with Chrome data reduction feature. Bulky pages can be loaded faster after compression.

Reduce data usage Chrome Android
Data reduced with Reduce Data Usage for Chrome

Images are usually most time consuming elements on a web page. Though Text and formatting can impact loading time if not used correctly, images can still eat up almost any optimization effort with its large file size. The compression server optimizes these images by reducing their quality to some extent. The loss in quality is acceptable unless you want to download high resolution images. The loss in quality will save you some bucks, isn’t that a good deal? You can disable Reduce data usage feature when you think you can’t compromise image resolution at any cost.

Chrome for Android also has this feature with name of ‘Reduce data usage’. After enabling this feature, you’ll be able to save some money that you pay for data usage bills.

How to enable Reduce data usage in Chrome?

  • Tap the menu icon and select Settings.
  • Scroll down until you find ‘Reduce data usage’ option.
  • Turn this feature ON.

It’s worth noting that Reduce data usage feature only helps you save money if you have limited data usage plan. In case if you have unlimited data usage plan, it wouldn’t help you save money, however, it can surely help you save your time by loading web pages faster than normal mode.

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