Chrome for Android Tips and Tricks 2015

Chrome for Android Tips and Tricks 2015

What are latest Chrome for Android tips and tricks in 2015. Tips & tricks to make Chrome Android fast and easy to use.

Chrome has been winning the best browser title for years. It’s still the best Android browser in 2015. The reason is obvious, fast speed, security and ease of use. This is a full browser that has almost everything a modern browser should have.

You can speed up Chrome for Android with some tweaks; Some tips and tricks can make your browsing experience even better and enjoyable.

Bring Chrome tabs Feature Back

Chrome has a handy feature of opened tabs to show how many tabs are currently open besides the one (tab) you are watching.Chrome Tabs and apps are merged In Android Lolipop. You can bring the opened tabs counter feature back by following steps:

  • Open Chrome on your device.
  • Tap menu icon and select Settings.
  • Turn off ‘Merge tabs and apps’ feature.

Fast switch between opened tabs

If you have brought Chrome tabs features back, you can switch between tabs easily. Just swipe right or left on toolbar to switch between opened tabs. This tip may not save some considerable time but according to most of users, swiping feels easier and quicker than tapping.

Sync bookmarks and tabs

Syncing enables Chrome to keep the same bookmarks, tabs and other elements that you select to sync. Here is how to configure sync for Chrome:

  • Tap the menu icon and select Settings > Accounts
  • Put your email address to create an account.
  • Tap the Sync slider.

Reduce data usage

If you are not happy with data usage bills from your network for using Internet on your Android device, then Reduce data usage is made for you. You can save almost half of your money spent to pay your Internet bills.

Reduce data usage Chrome Android

How to Enable Reduce Data Usage Feature in Chrome for Android

  • Tap menu icon
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Scroll down and locate ‘Reduce data usage’ option.
  • Turn ON this option.

Here is a detailed guide about Reduce data usage in Chrome for Android.

Enable Reader mode for distraction free reading

Reader mode is used to read web pages in an easy to read mode. This feature is useful for any web page, but you’ll feel the importance of Reader mode when you find a useful website without mobile friendly rendering style. Enabling Reader mode will help you enjoy the web in an easy to read environment.

How to Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Android

  • In address bar, type the following command and hit Go.


  • Select ‘Find in Page’ option from the menu.
  • Search for ‘Reader mode’.
  • Locate ‘Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon’ and enable this option.

Chrome Reader mode enable

  • Tap ‘Relaunch Now’ button.

Here is a detailed guide on how to Enable Reader mode in Chrome for Android for distraction free reading

Play Offline hidden Games

Did you know Chrome for Android has something interesting to offer you when you don’t have access to Internet? Chrome helps you pass that temporary but boring time in playing an interesting game.

From now, whenever you see you’re offline message on browser, just tap the dinosaur icon to start the game.

How to Play Dinosaur Game in Chrome for Android?

The game is very simple, just tap the screen when dinosaur approaches the hurdle to cross them by jumping over those trees.

Allocate sufficient memory to Chrome

Allocating more memory to Chrome can surely enhance the browser performance. Depending on the built-in size of RAM in your device, you can allocate an appropriate amount of memory to Chrome.

Chrome Android can take more memory

How Allocate More Memory to Chrome?

  • In address bar, type the following command and hit Go.


  • Select ‘Find in Page’ option from the menu.
  • Search for ‘Maximum tiles’.
  • Locate ‘Maximum tiles for interest area’, tap dropdown icon and select any available amount of memory.
  • Tap ‘Relaunch Now’ button to restart the browser.

Check a detailed tutorial on How to set more Memory to Chrome.

Have Any Tip to Share?

If you know more tips of Chrome for Android, do share with us in comments below. You’ll be appreciated for your generous knowledge by the community at Technodoze.

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