7 Amazing Benefits of Rooting your Android Phone

7 Amazing Benefits of Rooting your Android Phone

Ever since Android smart phones have revolutionized the life of a man, we look into various methods through which we can get the most out of our Android device.

‘Rooting’ is also among such ways to delve inside various hidden features of Android. It is very easy process and has a lot of benefits. But before you root your Android you might read this article till end.

What is meant by “Root an Android Phone”???

Various new and even old Android users come across this question that what actually is Rooting. I was also amongst those. So now I’ll explain briefly what really is Android rooting…?

When mobile manufacturers design devices, they hide some features that can only be used by a special user named Superuser and in one sense it in our benefit too, so that we may not accidentally destroy our phone.

A rooted Android phone with Superuser enabled (bottom right icon)
A rooted Android phone with Superuser enabled (bottom right icon)

But if we are an advanced user and we want to get benefit of the amazing hidden benefits of Android OS, we must root our phone.

Warning: Rooting your phone voids your warranty immediately, and if you do not follow directions carefully you might cause any damage to our device, but this happens very rare. Still you will be doing anything to your Android at your own risk. We won’t be responsible for any damage you do to your device.

7 Great Things you can do After Rooting your Android:

So lets proceed to unveil what can you do after rooting your device.

1. Extend Internal Memory: Low internal memory is the most embarrasing issue in some phones. After rooting your phone you can extend your internal memory by usind S2E, INT2EXT, Mounts2SD and other tools.

Internal Memory of HTC Desire increased from 150MB to 500MB

2. Upgrade Android Version: After rooting you can install custom roms in your phone that unveil new versions of Android that can not even be officially upgraded.

An HTC Desire Bravo upgraded to Android ICS (4.0.4)
An HTC Desire Bravo upgraded to Android ICS (4.0.4)

3. Improve Battery Life / Battery timing: After rooting you can do some amazing things with your phone as automatic brightness, automatic Wireless Network turn off, and others which can increase your battery timing and battery life.

4. Control CPU Speed: You can easily control your Minimum and Maximum CPU speeds and considerable hibernate your phone to increase battery life / improve CPU performance.

Control CPU Speed

5. Install non-market / non-supported apps: After rooting you can installed those apps too that are not supported by current version of Android by upgrading custom roms.

6. Improve RAM Performance: You can control and clean your cache / RAM more efficiently thus improving your apps experience.

7. Install New Themes: After rooting you can install various new themes that tweak up your device.

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