This is the question which I asked myself just when I saw the all new UI of the Windows 8. But if truly said, this is the question of your own choice.

The new Windows 8 is totally different from the old versions of Windows. Because start menu has now completely removed and a new charming Start Screen has been introduced which has some amazingly exceptional features.

Logo of Windows 8 – courtesy Microsoft

Some people dislike the new Windows interface for the reason that they are used to the old Start menu. But I strongly recommend you this new Windows because of its amazing features some of which I am discussing below.

Some Exceptional Features of Windows 8:

Below are some new additions in Windows 8 and why should you install this Windows.

Tablet Like Start Screen:

The start screen is more optimized and good looking. It has ever more options. This tablet like start screen is really amazing and inspiring and the whole computer could be accessed from it.

Some of the features of this start screen are:

  • Live Tiles
  • Easily Manageable
  • Synchronization to the Microsoft, Facebook and many other social networks
  • Access to latest media (audio/video) from the Video Stores and Audio Stores.
  • Easy desktop-start screen switching
See the image below for a quick look regarding Windows 8 start screen.
Preview of Windows 8 start screen – Click to zoom
Easy Upgrade from Windows 7:
If you are a Windows 7 user, you can easily upgrade to Windows 8 without loosing your
  • Files
  • Windows Settings
  • Windows applications
So if you want to upgrade to Windows 8 without loosing any of the work, you can do just like me. Amazing man! Even your desktop icons are the same.
See this Video for an Overview of Windows 8:

Upto You!

I’ve explained various aspects of this Windows but still as I explained earlier, this is totally up to you and your taste that you choose to install this Windows or not.

Please mention in comments anything that I missed or you want to add something.

And Happy Birthday to me!

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