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Not much time passed since I started this blog, but thanks to My ALLAH Almighty, I succeeded in getting 800-1000 daily visitor by posting quality articles and by the help of Social Media integration.

Many visitors of our blog requested to create a 1-page post of top articles on TechnoDoze. So I am giving here some of my most viral articles in the year 2012. (Though the blog started on Sep 24, 2012)

List of Top Articles of 2012 on TechnoDoze:

I’ve listed top 50 articles listed below Category wise. I do hope this listing will help you get find your required article on

Blogging Tips:
  1. Best 2013 Tips to Increase Website Traffic with Commenting
  2. Twitter – A Can Full of Organic Traffic
  3. Easiest Way To Claim Google+ Authorship For Your Blog
  4. 5 Top Secret Ways to Earn Money Through Blogging
  5. How to Create Backlinks on Blogger default Commenting System
  6. 3 Best Chrome Extentions for Bloggers
  7. What To Do When Somebody Steals Content From Your Blog
  8. 4 Most Working Ways to Protect Your Blog From Theives
  9. Move your blog to another blog without losing Traffic
Social Media Tips:

  1. 11 Killer Tips for Better Twitter Marketing
  2. How to Develop Better Social Relations???
  3. Using Twitter Hashtags (#) to Get Quick Blog Traffic
  4. Send Free SMS Worldwide using Twitter

How to Tips:
  1. How to mention someone with Facebook ID??
  2. How to tag ANY person in Facebook status update
  3. How to upload multiple images with one input field in PHP

Bermuda Triangle and Other Mysteries:
  1. What (or who) could be in Bermuda Triangle???
  2. Bermuda Triangle In Islam – Why this mystery relates with Dajjal?
  3. Dajjal and Bermuda triangle – Islamic Interpretation of Bermuda Triangle Mystery
  4. How to save yourself from DAJJAL???
  5. Makkah’s Great Clock to take place of GMT as standard Time

Mobile Phone Related:
  1. Download Youtube videos in 3gp from Java Supported Cell Phones
  2. Charge Your Mobile and Laptop without Electricity
  3. Facebook Photo Sync – Free and Private Photo Storage for Your Android
  4. Samsung Galaxy Y or HTC Explorer – Which one is better?
  5. iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III – Which one is better?
  6. Nokia C1-01 – A nice phone to use for Net Surfing
  7. Q Mobile E440 – Dual SIM, Smart Camera, GPRS
  8. How to check information of a NOKIA phone
  9. Q mobile E950 – Good and bad features

Gadgets and Others:
  1. Chill up with this coolest iPhone Gadget – SUMMER SOLUTION
  2. How to burn fire by sunlight and a lens
  3. Amazing secret behind firefly’s (Jugnu) glow
  4. How private is your Skype video call???
  5. The Physics of CRICKET – Amazing facts about Cricket
  6. SOLAR POWERED TENT – Buy one time and enjoy life-time
  7. Highly Shocking facts about Scientific Progress
  8. How to play Road Rash on Windows 7 – 100% Working
  9. How to use IIS and Apache at the same time
  10. Install IIS on Windows 7 in easy steps

I am sure this index will help you in finding the right blog post you’re searching for.

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