Windows 8.1 release preview comes with certain great new additions to the previous Windows 8 particularly some visual improvements.

The main problem that I faced after shifting to Windows 8.1 was that it compelled me to use a Microsoft account to log in and out of my Windows. This is a problem for many people especially people like me who have a slow internet speed problem.

But when I tried to switch to Local Account once again I faced difficulties it it though I solved the problem after a few tries.

Here is the method to do it:

Switching to a Local Account in Windows 8.1:

Its very easy to switch to a Local Account in Windows 8.1.


1. Go to charms bar either by pressing Windows Button + C or by scrolling up from bottom right corner and then click on Settings.

2. Click Change PC Settings.

3. From left pane, click Accounts and then click on Disconnect under your Microsoft ID.


4. Enter your Microsoft password and Click Next.

5. Choose your new Username and Password.

6. Its done! You have Switched to a Local Account.

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