There has been a great tweak awaiting you withing your BRAVIA TV and Sony Xperia Z2. Now you can use there devices as One-Touch Mirroring Device.

In the past, we had two or three options to watch the media from our Mobile or Camera through the AV cable, later arrived the HDMI cable to connect to PC, now since then they are using the same OS for both the Smart TVs and Smartphones.

One-Touch Mirroring for Sony Xperia Z2 and BRAVIA TV

This features involves NFC (Near Field Communication) and allows you to easily use your BRAVIA Tv as a mirror and use Sony Xperia Z2’s Camera as mirror reflection.

To use this feature with a TV Remote control with NFC connectivity, all you need to do is to Tap your device with the remote to use your TV as a mirror to view your device, you can even use it as a View finder for the Camera app.

Here is a video to show you how this works:

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