If you want to get updated about all the news and events happening in the world and get updated to the latest science and technology information, you should activated TechnoDoze mobile Tweets.

So, now get updated with all the new updates from @TechnoDoze (TechnoDoze.com Official Twitter account) on move on your cell phone.

Remember! This service is absolutely free.

Step 1:

(Skip this step if you have an account on twitter.com)
Log on to www.twitter.com and make a free account on twitter.

A. Go to twitter.com, fill the form and click Sign Up for Twitter
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B. Fill out the form and click Create my account
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Step 2:

(Skip this step if you have already activated for twitter mobile.)
Sign Up to twitter for mobile. (Subject to availibility of the service in your country. Available in most of the countries of the world including USA, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan, China and much more. Click here to see all of them.)

C. Click on Profile Tab and Click Settings

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D. Select Mobile from Settings

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E. Fill out your Cell Phone Information
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F. Type GO on your mobile and send it to 40404 (only for Pakistan, other countries follow instructions accordingly.)
Note: This is the only Rs. 1.5 (Pakistan) that you will be charged by your Mobile Operator. Twitter or TechnoDoze charges no money at all.

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G. Success!!!
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Step 3:

Follow @TechnoDoze and turn on mobile notifications for @TechnoDoze.

H. Write @TechnoDoze in search box or click Here:

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I. Click on Follow Button on @TechnoDoze page.

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J. Click on settings icon and select Turn on mobile notifications

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Thats it!

Additional Step:
Join this blog for further more updates with your Google/Yahoo/Hotmail etc account.
Give your feedback about the service on twitter.com/TechnoDoze

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