I am sharing a tip here which would help you to enjoy internet services via Wi-Fi devices without any legal charge put up on you.

WiFi khamba

Yes! Its true… Just copy some tips given below.

– Search for any ‘Open Network’ if you have one in your area.
– In many busy areas (offices, banks, airports, industrial areas, etc.) we could find many Open Networks which do not bear password on them and could easily be used by you through your WiFi devices.
– The main thing is the catching range of your laptop or phone.
РIf you are using a HP laptop or an Android or Apple Phone, you  could easily catch signals from within one KM range.
– Walls and other obstacles create disturbance in WiFi signals so it will be best to connect an outdoor antenna on your Laptop or Phone to enjoy internet with better signal strengths.
– So its a factor of luck through which you could be living in an area where a high speed open wifi network is available to you.
– One more option is to make good understanding with your neighbour having WiFi connection and share the password with him.

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