In countries like Pakistan and India, where load shedding has become a routine for people, alternate power solutions are taking place for the the original Government power supplies.

Many people use UPS inverters and Generators to cope up with this lack of power situation. I also use UPS Inverter with Acid Batteries to avoid hot sun during summers.

It has also been observed that UPS inverters and batteries last for a very few months and become defected.

UPS and Battery
UPS and Battery


Being an Electrie Guy (like a Techie Guy), I know of some very good tricks that might help you to make your UPS Inverters and batteries last longer.

Tricks to increase life of UPS Inverter and Batteries:

1. Apply half of less load on UPS compared to its maximum power. (For example a 1000 watt UPS can bear maximum load of 1000 watts, do not put a load of more than 600 watts in routine)

2. Check water level of batteries after every two weeks.

3. Use only prescribed water (perfect one is the water coming from Air Conditioners) in the batteries. Do not use tap water as it contains some salts that decrease efficiency of batteries.

4. Place UPS and batteries in a cool and dry place, overheating might cause damage to the sensitive internal circuits.

5. If possible, do not apply variable loads (like PC, Televisions, etc) on UPS as it requires more energy.

6. Never discharge batteries completely (if there is long power breakage, turn off your UPS after 2-3 hours)

7. Use high quality wiring equipment (try to use pure copper wiring, wiring cost might be less than your later maintenance cost :D)

Tell me of some other tricks if you know.

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