Yesterday when I was trying to set up my Smart TV app on my WiFi PTCL connection, I could not do it. While I was successfully able to run Smart TV app on my Ethernet cable or Wire Internet connection.This was at once a problem for me….

But you know, every problem has a solution. And I also came up with a rather easy solution to run PTCL Smart TV app on my WiFi connection on the fly, on my laptop or even my Pads.

How to run PTCL Smart TV app for PC on WiFi connection:

PTCL Smart TV App

So, I was committed to also help you people by writing this article so that you may troubleshoot this problem if you ever face it.

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So, first of all MAKE SURE that:

  • You are a PTCL landline customer with DSL activated. (Wired Smart TV app is only for DSL users)
  • You have activated PTCL Smart TV for PC (worth Rs.250/month) by calling on PTCL back-end. If not you can do so by calling 1236 PTCL Helpline.
  • You have successfuly setup IPTV over Ethernet and you can view smart TV using Smart TV app on your PC connected with ethernet cable.
  • And you can not view PTCL Smart TV on your wifi

Follow these steps:

1. Open Your Browser.
2. Enter the following address and log in 
Note: Enter ‘admin‘ as username as password.
3. Follow the steps in the image given below:
Method to Setup PTCL Smart TV for Wifi


4. Restart Your PTCL router either by Management > Save Reboot or by Physically pressing On/Off button on router.In case of any questions / queries. Contact me or comment here.

Update: 28th-Aug-2014

As Reported by our user “Qasim”,
Some routers require this extra bit of Configuration.
So if the above method is not working for you:
Go to router configurations page , Under tab Wireless – > Basic , you will see checkbox with “Enable Wireless Multicast Forwarding (WMF)”.
Check this checkbox and save and reboot your router.
Let me know if the problem is solved!!!


  1. i will trying smart pc tv of ptcl.i have already smart tv conn,but i connot conneceted pc tv from wifi.i have alread fowllo your giude my thanks.

  2. hello, bro I have followed your modem instructions which you showed in screenshot but still pc app channels not working correctly on wifi wireless.

        1. Yes, I can see using ethernet cable. I connected tplink wifi router with PTCL modem and I can see pc app channels via wireless without any problem but if possible, I want to configure ptcl modem to watch smart tv pc app channels instead of tplink wifi router.

          1. In modem settings, you just pointed Multicast Rate: 6 MBPs so If you know that more settings needs to do then please send me more details about modem configurations. Otherwise we can make teamviewer session. Thanks

          2. If your Ethernet (Wired) television is working fine and you have set your Multicast rate at 6MBPs and still you can’t see PTCL IPTV via WiFi, I think this is an issue with your Downstream rate.

            Reply with your Connection speed and Downstream / Upstream rates…

            Can you see distorted picture using WiFi or no picture comes at all???

            Also use this article and see if it works.

          3. distorted picture is coming using wifi and this is what I want to resolve using ptcl wifi modem because on tplink router channels working correct without any distortion.
            I have 4MB dsl connection,
            Downstream: 8064

            SNR Margin (0.1 dB): 237 110
            Attenuation (0.1 dB): 80 60

            your provided link to watch smart tv on vlc and tano player but still distorted picture.

          4. One last thing before I TeamView your PTCL modem configs.

            Which modem model you are using???

            Which line you are using (copper or fiber optic)??? (You can confirm by calling 1236)

  3. Bilal plz help me
    i have IPTV activated. I can watch channel via Wire but facing problem using WIFI. i tried what u said in this article but failed. I have 2 mb connection Downstream is 2048 and upstream is 500…

  4. Hello
    I can’t watch the TV on any connection (LAN and WIFI). Do you have any solution for it. You can chek it my team viewer.

  5. Not working Mr. Bilal

    Have done every thing written but still not working over wifi… the same app starts working on same laptop when connected through Ethernet.

      1. there is one more setting required in router.
        go to router configurations page , Under tab Wireless – > Basic , you will see checkbox with “Enable Wireless Multicast Forwarding (WMF)”. Kindly select this checkbox and try again now you should watch ptcl smart tv pc app channels wirelessly without ethernet cable.
        I did above settings in my router and now I can watch channels wirelessly.

        1. and also change your wifi password to none otherwise wifi device security feature won’t allow you to watch due to overload.

  6. Thank you Sir.
    According to these settings, Application works fine using LAN and WLAN.
    But I need little help.
    I have attached an access point on my roof to extend the range of wifi across my town.
    When I connect to that router (wifi), application doesn’t work on that wifi.
    PTCl Modem : AN1020-25U
    TP-Link Router: TL-WA5210G

    Thanking in anticipation 😉

  7. Bilal bhai I am using W150D ptcl modem and there is no option of Advanced under wifi settings. It used to work with other modems having the options you mentioned but now I am having problem watching smart tv via wifi please suggest other option.

  8. Salaam Bilal Bhai,
    Hope you are well.
    Could you please advise me how to run/configure PTCL smart Tv box if you are living abroad (out of Pakistan). Hope there will be a way to work it out.
    M Khawaja

    1. Wa alikum asalam!
      Khawaja bhai! Thanks for your participation, but as you live in Saudi Arabia, you can not access PTCL Smart TV outside Pakistan.

      In fact, smart TV is bundled with PTCL dedicated fiber and copper lines that are only nationwide.

      But you can access many other TV services available online.


      1. I guess you can connect the app if you have a Pakistan Geographical IP address. That would require a VPN service in Pakistan to connect from abroad. I’m not sure if any such service exists in Pakistan yet .

  9. Guys how do you active verimatrix activex in browser.. Even I have download and install it but still whenever i try to login on ptcl smart tv it wont let me and ask me to download and istall Verimatrix activex.. what is this shit?

  10. i just brought android tv box and connected to my LCD. everything works fine except PTCL smart tv app. anyone knows why this app is not working in that interface. the thing surprise me is i am using the same app in my android mobile that work absolutely fine.

  11. Main ptcl smart tv use ker raha hn or ptcl smart tv app be but mere gher Fiberlink ka net hai app mobile data pe toh theek chal rai hai butt fiberlink kay net pe nai is koi hall hai

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