If you are given two eggs, one boiled and one raw, and you are to distinguish between the two…
Then you should follow the following.


Just spin both the eggs with same force..
The boiled egg moves faster and raw will nearly not move.

The boiled egg’s mass is situated near the axis of rotation, so it has less moment of inertia (I) as compared to raw in which mass is situated at corners.
So by applying Angular Momentum:
L = I W
(Momentum) = (Moment of Ineria) x (Angular Velocity)

Without rotation it cant be said.

So when in boiled egg when ‘I’ is less than Velocity (W) means speed of rotation will be more…

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  1. It is partially true. The main reason the raw egg slows down is that, it has drag forces against rotation where as boiled one does not.

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