Why Do Employers Use Keyloggers To Monitor Their Employees?

Why Do Employers Use Keyloggers To Monitor Their Employees?

People, in general, are addicted to social media but it could be a concern for employers. Many individuals spend time browsing the internet at work hours. It happens more often. This will definitely affect the company’s reputation.

There are employees that might be violating the company terms but they don’t get caught so easily. Abusive behaviour such as sexual harassments, racial slurs or bullying is often common in some work places. There are many fishing websites that steals data without user consent. If the certain individual visits those websites, confidential information or trade secrets of the company can be at risk. But the employer will not be able to take action without proper evidence.

There are tools that are available which blocks access to the websites that people usually spend time on. I would say that is not enough because for a person with good knowledge on networking can easily unblock the certain websites by editing hosts file or in other way. This is where keylogger comes in.

Many keyloggers are now available to purchase. These applications are simple yet powerful to monitor employees activity and how productive the employees are. The main advantage with the keylogger is that you can access the data remotely.

One of the software that I find it useful is Netbull keylogger. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and it works with guest accounts as well. You can try it for a trial period of 7 days. At first it was detected by an antivirus software but only because of the trial version. It is recommended to disable any antivirus software before trying it out. I use Malware Bytes premium and this keylogger has not been detected by MB so far.

I have tried few software applications. Some of them are good but expensive and few of them are flagged by Anti Virus software. Many spyware/malware scanners are getting smarter nowadays.

The best thing that I liked about this software is that it runs in stealth mode. Meaning, it installs and uninstalls silently without any pop up notifications (only on full version). You can get the log delivery by email or to your server by using FTP. It costs $49.99 for one month, $99.99 for one year and $299.99 for life time licence. Visit Netbull keylogger download page to try it out for a week.

Some employees might find it as violation of their privacy. As much as it sounds fair, they are not supposed to be spending time browsing the internet or chatting with friends on Facebook at work hours. By doing so, they are wasting company’s resources.

As an employer, if you were to put yourself in their shoes, you can understand how frustrating they would feel for using monitoring software on them. Giving heads up by letting the employees be aware of the installed spyware is always recommended for legitimate purpose. No spyware can provide any guarantees so use them with your own risk.

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