Ever wanted to use Google Earth in offline mode when you have no access to Internet? Don’t be confused with online and offline installer downloads; it’s only limited to application installation. How can we expect the detailed view of whole world map enclosed in an installer that has a few megabyte size? The offline installer only facilitates you during app installation. The data stored on Google’s servers for maps is quite huge in size and increasing. So what to do if you want to save it to your local computer or device? Let’s talk about it.

google earth offline

Is it possible to download full data of Google Earth to your local computer?

Well, there is no such a legal way to use Google Earth without connecting to their server. You are required to connect to Internet in order to access that information. But still you can do this to some extent.

How to save Google Earth maps to your device?

If you want to save most visited or your favorite locations, cache feature will help you in this regard. Connect to Internet and browse the locations you want to store and visit later. Let the pictures and other data load complexly. Streaming indication shows the loading process. Wait until it is fetched to 100%. This loading shows that the data is cached to your device. Once the data is stored in cache, you can view these pictures and locations without Internet connection. It’s a simple, quick and legal solution.

Should Google Earth be used online?

It makes sense; as the earth is not always in same condition. Things are being changed constantly all around the world. You see a empty ground in your area and after a month, a building is stood there. Then how can you rely on downloaded data of Google Earth? So it’s always a wise choice to use it online due to earth’s ever changing nature. However, caching the location by following above method is a temporary yet a possible solution for you.



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