TinyTube is a less known video sharing website that could be a cool choice for your children. It’s really safe for children due to its kids friendly content.

You might be thinking that Youtube and other similar popular sites such as DailyMotion and some others have a huge variety of videos including cartoons, movies and educational shows for kids, so why try a new site? Well, you may have guessed the answer; this website is dedicated for kids.

tinytube - YouTube for Kids

What could be more amazing about this tiny video sharing site than its dedication and amusing videos?

You might be thinking of what are age restriction measures employed by it? Is it really a safe site for your children? And finally, how it’s better than YouTube? These are some questions that may arise in your mind and there might be even more related ones. Let’s see what’s good about TinyTube.

What is TinyTube?

TinyTube is a cool video sharing website for kids and anyone who loves watching children videos.

It contains a lot of game shows, movies, trailers, cartoons and much more that can keep your kids engaged for hours and hours on one place.

Its interface is so simple that children get familiar with it in a few attempts. it is designed according to kids theme and color schemes.

How Age Restricted Content is Filtered and Controlled?

YouTube and Dailymotion have age restriction filters. But this age restriction commonly depends on person’s choice who uploads it.

Some adult content is even available without age restriction because the person who upload them doesn’t care about categorizing those videos as adult content.

So how can we trust such sites that can play an offensive video in front of our children or family members when they accidently click on any of those links?

While TinyTube doesn’t allow any content that is not safe for kids or even if it doesn’t seem interesting for children. Therefore, almost zero chances to access rubbish age restricted content.

Why Choose TinyTube?

Yes you guessed it right! The major reason to prefer TinyTube to YouTube or other video sharing giants is its crystal clear policy that provides fully kids free environment.

This site is dedicated to kids and anyone who hates age restricted adult content, either it is accessed intentionally or accidently.

TinyTube gives you peace of mind when you are far from your children. There is no fear that your children may accidently hit some bad video that can spoil them and impact their tiny minds badly.

Final Suggestions

TinyTube is no doubt a very interesting and amusing site for kids. Its content keeps children enjoy for hours.

The known issue is that sometimes this sites goes slow, may be due to lack of resources or any other reason. Yet it is a nice world for your kids on internet.

URL : TinyTube.com



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