The difference between seeders and leechers is quite ambiguous for many of us. This confusion sometimes leads to irritation especially when downloading torrents from any torrent site.

Torrent Seeders and Leechers Difference Copy

These two terms are actually derived from two different words:

  • Seed
  • Leech

You are recommended to read our brief yet comprehensive guide on introduction to Seed and Leech. This will enable you understand the basic concept and when you’ll come back after reading this guide, you’ll be able to understand the difference much better.

Seeder vs Leecher the difference

Difference between Leecher and Seeder

If you understand what these terms actually mean, it would be quite easy to differentiate between these. So rather than digging directly into the difference between these two, the preferred way is to have a brief introduction about them.

What is Seeder?

Seeders are people or computers who have finished the download and now their computer is being used only to upload the data of that torrent. More seeders means torrent file has more seeds and thus you can download the torrent faster at maximum speed. Seeders are kind of uploading resources as their network is being used for upload rather than downloading the torrent. It might seem like seeders are temporary source that act like servers for other people as a mutual help.

In simple words, seeders are computers who have finished download and now allowing other people to download file from their (seeder’s) computer.

What is Leecher?

Leechers are people/computers currently downloading the torrent file. Leechers computer are used both for downloading and uploading the data. But data download speed is much greater than uploading. Hence, leechers consume more data than seeding. Leechers are not exactly opposite to seeders, but they consume more than they offer. More leechers and less seeders have negative impact on download speed of torrent file.

The Wall of Difference

In short, leechers are computers consuming from seeders at a higher download speed while contributing to network at the same time by allowing their computer as a temporary server for other leechers, but the upload speed is significantly lower than download speed. It means that leechers consume the torrent network much more than offering as servers.

Who Am I? Seeder or Leecher?

When you are downloading something via torrent using uTorrent or any torrent client, and download process is in progress, you are leecher. Whereas when you have completed the downloading process and file is fully downloaded and saved to your computer, but still you have not closed or stopped the torrent, you are seeding to other people on network, you are acting as seeder. I hope it could make a better sense to understand the real difference between the terms seeders and leechers more precisely.

Almost all torrent clients have two way traffic while you are downloading through them as leecher. Perhaps you can’t stop uploading process from your computer while downloading at the same time. That’s a kind of mutual help, you are benefiting from others while others from you. Seeding is appreciated as a small thanks to the network. It keeps others benefit from you just like you benefited from someone else’s seeding. And this process goes on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, a bit boring yet useful to know. Even though if you need to clarify some ideas related to who are seeders and leechers in torrent and the difference between seeders and leechers. If you still have question to clarify your concept? Don’t hesitate to ask us, and don’t forget to feedback.


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