Schedule your text messages to be sent automatically on any future time or date using your Android phone.

Busy routines in our everyday life makes us forget a lot of little things. For example, you had to wish your friend or family member on exact the first second of that specific day, but you either slept or were busy watching your favorite sports on TV. Meanwhile, you couldn’t send the message at right time and date. It could make your friend angry or whatever, but it’s sure that you’re at loss.

SMStagger is a small application that works as your personal assistant for sending text messages automatically on specified date and time.

SMStagger review

How SMStagger Works?

It works really simple. You don’t need to an expert to handle this app. Following steps are involved:

  • Open SMStagger app.
  • Search and select your target contact.
  • Choose a date and time on which message will be sent.
  • Compose your message.

That’s it. Now when the specified time and date reaches, your composed message will be send automatically to your target contact while you’ll be enjoying other things.

It may not happen most of times or you may even don’t be so much conscious about wishing your friends or relatives on special occasions. But you would agree that sometimes you really wished an SMS scheduler that could store and then send a text message automatically to corresponding contact.

Yes, it has a lot of advantages, including saving you from a variety of losses, including financial and social damages. It even makes you look smart and punctual personality who is always alert about almost anything. Naturally, people around you will definitely find you a caring person.

SMStagger is a simple and clean app for Android. It doesn’t add any junk message interface rather uses the default messaging app to send scheduled messages. This app is free from annoying ads. Download and install it from the following link.

Download and Install SMStagger


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