Microsoft Windows installation and update stores some files for information or as default accessories. But most of these are not needed and should be deleted to clean up more free disk space.

There a lot of methods suggested by experts and Microsoft. Though those methods and tricks are genuine and working too. But following such complicated techniques is time consuming and can be dangerous for novice users as they might remove some systems files. Moreover, most of users today don’t like to put their hands in complicated and manual cleanups.

remove Windows install and updatecache

There are a lot of system cleaning and optimizing software available over the Internet, including both free and paid. But most of them are working on almost same pattern. These tools cleanup junk and temporary files but Windows installation and cache files are not touched. Anyhow, each of them have their own special working pattern and motto that they are following.

Wise Cleaner introduced a system slimming feature in their toolset, which is quite useful, especially designed for cleaning up Windows installation default files and Windows update cache. It include wallpapers, sample music, sample videos, language packs (Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc.), Windows installer baseline cache and some others.

You can select what you want to delete and what to exclude by making a selection before slimming down. Removing these files can give you free space up to 1GB or sometimes more disk space.

Deleting these files is completely safe. I have tested it and nothing gone bad but got more free disk space. It automatically creates a Windows restore point before performing clean up operation. Restore point helps you get back to previous working system settings if some errors happen. So no need to worry about crashes or errors. You can always restore your system if you find some error due to removing such files.

Using Wise Care system slimming is very simple. However, here is a simple guide for you:

Download Wise Care 365 (recommended, contains many useful tools) or Wise Disk Cleaner (a small part of Wise Care 365). In this tutorial, I am using Wise Care 365.

  • Go to System Cleaner tab.
  • Select System Slimming in left side pan. Its interface will be loaded in right side pane.
  • Make a selection of what you want to include or exclude.
  • Press Slim Down button.

Windows install & update cache delete

A system restore point will be created automatically, after this the selecting files will be deleted. Simple and easy without playing with system files yourself. Normally, almost 1GB disk space is cleaned up depending on your selection of items.

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Removing Windows installer baseline cache and other unnecessary files alone can free up more than 500MB disk space. May be free disk space is not a problem for most of users as disks have huge capacity now a days. But why keep unnecessary files when they are not needed? Getting rid of trash and useless stuff makes you different and wiser from general users. Clean up the world inside your computer. Goodluck.


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