Not happy with strange feature of Chrome? Learn how to remove name badge from Google Chrome top right title bar or at least replace this name badge with your profile picture. Works for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A new user name badge feature has been introduced in Google Chrome latest version. Some people are excited to see it while others are unhappy to see this unappealing name tag on upper right side of their Chrome browser (Windows edition) near the control box (close, maximize and minimize buttons). It may feel like a new user menu in Chrome title bar, like an orange menu buttons in old interface of Mozilla Firefox.

This feature can be useful for people having multiple accounts either on a shared computer or one person with more than one account. In this case, the user/users can easily identify which account is signed in. But in most cases, this feature is not liked in the title bar by a majority of users.

If you don’t like this name badge feature, you are at right place where we’re going to have some fun by manipulating this name tag feature of Chrome browser. It will help you make Chrome look simpler as it used to look before this new element.

There are several ways to remove the Chrome name tag feature. Some are listed below:

  • Uninstall your synched user profile by signing out of your Google Chrome account (quite silly option).
  • Remove name badge from the browser title bar without signing out or changing any account settings.
  • Change your user name, or at least change the display name of the badge.

The first option is not desirable, so we will learn the last 3 methods. However, if you are ready to sacrifice your synched Chrome account, you just need to sign out of Chrome (not recommended) by going to:

Settings > Disconnect your Google Account

Again, you are not recommended to sign out of your Google Account to remove  user name badge from title bar. It doesn’t make sense as you have other options to get rid of this name feature or customize it by changing the name or specifying your picture.

Patience might be over now, so let’s get started!

How to Remove Name Badge from Chrome Title Bar?

Go to Chrome flags page, just copy and paste the following line in your bar:


You’ll see Enable the new avatar menu highlighted on the top of the page. Change the value from Default to Disabled.

disable name badge from chrome flag settings

Restart Google Chrome browser.

The name badge from Chrome title bar will be gone. However, your profile picture will be set on right top of title bar as an icon. It can be said a better replacement of user name badge with profile. But if you still not like to have your personal picture at top of browser window, you can change this picture.

How to Edit/Change Name Badge in Chrome Title Bar?

You can customize name badge by changing your name (display name) with your nick or even with some special character. This new name will be displayed in Chrome title bar instead your Google account or profile.

Go to Settings.

Scroll down a bit (if needed) and you’ll find your account in People section.

Click on your name and then click Edit button.

change edit chrome user name in title bar

A box will appear with some icons and a text box labeled ‘Name‘. Change your name to your nick name or anything else you want it to be.

edit badge name for Google Chrome

Click Save button.

That’s it. The changed name will instantly appear in place of your Google profile name. No restart required.

Hopefully you enjoyed this tutorial. If you find any problem in order to remove your profile badge name from top right corner in title bar of Google Chrome, mention it with us without any hesitation.



  1. The second option doesn’t work. You can’t get rid of it unless you sign out. Changing the name only changes the name, it doesn’t remove it so it’s still in the way. 🙁

  2. After trying for “too long” to change (not remove) my profile badge, and looking at many other sites, I just wanted to let you know and anyone else reading this “How to Edit/Change Name Badge in Chrome Title Bar?” still works as of today.

    I never thank ppl for info i get online, but after getting no where for so long and then finding your information and my issue fixed within seconds, I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH, Cheers Hodds

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