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This tutorial is especially for those users who use Linux Ubuntu as solely operating system or use dual boot of Win and Linux. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Ubuntu installed on your computer. You can use any other computer that has Linux installed on it or you can purchase a ready boot DVD for Ubuntu. The goodness of this operating system is that you don’t have to install it and can boot directly from DVD. Anyhow, manage a Ubuntu operating system and get started with easier and GUI (Graphical User Interface) based solution to detect and recover USB folders that are hidden by USB shortcut files virus and get your files back safely by a few clicks of buttons. This solution will cover all USB drives including pen drive, flash, memory card, thumb, external, removable drives and removable media. Don’t worry for device drivers, Linux can detect almost any driver for any hardware attached to your computer.

Recover Hidden Folders in Ubuntu

  1. First of all, you need to log-in to Ubuntu. Install it, use DVD or any other’s computer (but be careful before using anyone’s computer as that can steal your private data and cause serious security risks. Use only if you trust or own a separate computer of you with this operating system installed). Better to use DVD. You have to purchase it once and use in future.
  2. After logging in, open ‘Home’ folder or select / navigate to USB drive.
  3. All files and folders on that drive will be visible, including hidden and shown files. You can even see the files that are not visible in Windows mode while show hidden files option used. Now select the files containing “.lnk” extension and “autorun.inf”; if exists and delete them.
  4. Pick the folder and files that were disappeared and infected by shortcut virus and move them to some separate folder on your hard disk or USB drive.
  5. Now delete the infected folder or format the USB. Make sure that you have placed your files on a separate safe place before you format the USB.
  6. After format is complete, copy/move your files to USB disk.

The .lnk shortcut problem is removed and you have recovered all your files and folders safely, congrats! We strongly recommend to install a strong antivirus. If there is no antivirus installed, then chances are that you may encounter that virus again.


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