Have you ever liked the idea of being followed everywhere you go and not having any sort of privacy?

Well this happens over the internet many times. For certain reasons various people try to monitor our location, our activities and can even sneak in to our private conversations.

So, being anonymous is really a help to that. There are various methods through which we can assure privacy and anonymity one of which is the use of a “proxy”.

What is a Proxy?

The proxy, also sometimes called proxy server helps you assure your privacy, so whatever you do and wherever you go you don’t have the chance of being followed or being monitored.

According to Wikipedia:

Proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

So for example you are using a particular website from San Francisco, but the monitoring agencies see it as India or Japan because it is where the proxy computer is stationed.


Another cool thing that a proxy can do for you is is can unblock various websites or apps that your institutes or even Governments have block for public use. So, the next question that comes in to our minds is “Where to get a proxy?

Where to get a Good Proxy?

There are many companies as well as organizations that are assuring the anonymity of their users as well as other people. Certain websites provides lists of free proxy servers or you may also go for paid proxy services.

There are certain other options like using Anonymity Devices or installing firewalls that may encrypt your communication through the web. But we will talk about them in detail in an other article.

Till then give us your opinion about the Online Anonymity and Were Free Proxy services efficient enough for you?

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