A fun experience to play media files (video, audio and photos) in most popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, that actually works.

Web is loaded with thousands and thousands of multimedia files that is growing every minute and even every second. Just think for a while what would Internet look without these video, audio and image files? Nothing more than a boring world!

We all use media files for different purposes and there is a wide variety of software that open these files for us. These software are called media players. These range from very basic to most sophisticated media players such as VLC media player, KM player etc.

How to Turn Web Browser into a Media Player?

We use to watch videos, listen music and view images online in our browsers. But did you ever tried to play media files saved in your local storage drives via Internet browser? Surprised huh? Just try it out and come back after your experiment.

Supported Browser to Play Media Files

I have tested mp4 and mp3 in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera; the most popular browsers of today. Internet Explorer was also tested but it was unable to play these files at test time. It might be able to play after some updates, but during test, it didn’t load mp4 or mp3 file.

Best Browser to Play mp4/mp3 Media Files

Google Chrome worked the best of all. Mozilla Firefox seemed to be a bit lazy on full screen video mode. However, its mp3 and mp4 seek bar have a superior view than Chrome. Opera rendered almost same performance as Chrome, due to same Chromium platform, but takes a bit longer time to load the media file.

I just tested mp4 video and mp3 audio format. But it should play almost any format of online streaming video or audio. Experiment yourself and share whether it worked for you or not.

Browse Images/Photos in Browser

Image formats always work in almost any web browser. So no need to verify what is already obvious. You can test image files too, if you have never did this before. However, I skipped image testing for now. Though it won’t be as useful as a typical image viewer application, it can be a quick solution for viewing images when your photo viewer crashes.

Here are screenshots for Chrome, Firefox and Opera respectively:

Google Chrome


video playback in chrome browser


chrome audio playback from local disk

Mozilla Firefox


mozilla firefox browser vidoe play


play audio in firefox from local disk



opera video from disk


audio file in opera browser

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended to play audio and video files in the web browser. However, this is only a quick solution that you can use when you don’t have some media player installed on your device. Don’t rely on it solely as web browsers only offer very basic playback controls.

In case of problem while playing media files in these browsers, check if you have latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. But most of times, it works without flash player latest installation.

Test yourself and share what you experienced. You feedback is valuable and helpful to us and the whole community.

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