PDF Files are great to share online. But large file size consumes more time and bandwidth. Let’s get introduced to one of the best online compression tool that will help you reduce file size.
Who likes large size files? Things are getting smaller and compact without losing quality. Sometimes quality is manipulated, but it’s almost unnoticeable as compared to the advantages that are acquired from small sized files. With the passage of time, the world is adopting compactness fashion rapidly.

Small things have many advantages over large ones that have nothing better than small sized things other than their size. What will be your choice if you have to select a file from two; one with 1 megabyte and second having 700 kilobytes? Of course the smaller one, even if you have a 100 MBPS internet connection. Reason? There are many, but let’s mention only one, the WISDOM. Yeah, if you keep choosing larger files rather than smaller ones with an idea in mind that you are doing a ‘rich’ selection, soon you’ll find people telling you the level of poor wisdom you have! But you are not that fool, you are a wise and resource friendly optimal user of digital media.

pdf compression online tool

There are a lot of online tools available over the Internet that claim to and can compress the PDF files online. You could search the Internet and there will be bunch of results in front of you. You can experiment with some of them if you have time to test them. Some of them will seem great and others just play with your uploaded PDF files. Some tools need signups, surveys or even payments. Although paid tools can be expected to offer superior quality as compared to the free ones. But that’s not the fact all times. We are going to choose a tool that doesn’t charge any of above deals, yet gives best results that you might not find even in paid tools. So let’s go ahead with that.

Which one is the best online tool for compressing PDF?

Honestly, there is not a very precise measurement standard that can distinguish exactly the best one among those numerous tools, but after research and tests I’ve found smallPDF much better and superior than others. Here are some features that you can enjoy with this online tool:

  • Fast and simple user interface
  • File drag and drop option
  • Choose file to upload from local disk storage, as well as cloud storage (currently Google Drive and Dropbox).
  • Faster uploads and processing.
  • Totally FREE!
  • Supports all platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux because it’s browser based service. 

How to Compress PDF file with Online Tool?

It’s very much simple. But let’s bread down this into simple steps:

  1.  Go to PDF compression site.
  2. Drag the file or upload from computer and cloud storage.
  3. Processing will start automatically. Wait until it’s completed. Usually it doesn’t take more than a few seconds or minutes, depends on the size of the file.
  4. Download the file.

At the end, please take care of world resources. Use compact files, it will help to save bandwidth for others (lessen load over the network as a whole) and the receiver to download and store files on their storage media.

If you know any other PDF compression tool that can reduce file better than our mentioned online tool, do a favor to the Internet world and share with us. Good times.


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