Google Chrome is able to open PDF files right inside browser window, no need to install any PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. Let’s find how to do this.

Google Chrome is one of the top browser that has numerous features and functions. Most of people think and use it only for fast browsing. But that’s not all, there are many useful things that can make your computing life easier than ever before.

PDF files are mostly used for read purpose only. Sometimes, the people who never use PDF files have to view a small piece of document or license of some product. Installing a PDF reader for a single file is not a wise option, by the way.

How about if your regular browser can do this job for you? Although online PDF files are opened in browser without your effort, but did you even tried your browser to open PDF files stored in your local disk storage?

Nothing complicated, all you have to do is, just drag and drop PDF file in your Chrome browser.

pdf on local disk

A new windows (most probably) will be opened with a seamless view of the PDF file. Cool enough to hard to believe.

open pdf in google chrome browser

You are encouraged to try it right now, and come back here, we are waiting for you.

Got success? Great! You will be excited to know that there is no size limit, you can open any size file. So if you read PDF files occasionally and don’t like to keep a PDF reader (Foxit reader or Adobe Reader etc.) installed all times, opening these files in Chrome browser is definitely a smart choice.

If you find any problem, share your problem in comments below. Share this handy tip on social media with your friends and family before anybody else gets this advantage. Get connected to learn more cheerful tips and tricks. Take care.


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