A quick tweak to open My Computer folder instead of Libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos) folder in Windows Explorer, just like older versions of Windows.

Windows Explorer is used to explore file system on your Windows computer. It is opened from taskbar in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

When you click on it, it opens Libraries folder that contains Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders.

libraries folder

More than often, you might aim to open the Computer folder that contains system and local disk drives. But the Explorer takes you to the Libraries, where you have to make an extra click to reach Computer folder.

If you have used any earlier version of Windows (98, XP, Vista etc.), you may remember the My Computer icon on desktop. That was a simple and straightforward approach. If you miss it, here is how to bring Computer icon back:

Bring My Computer Icon on Desktop for Windows

Make Windows Explorer open Computer folder instead of Libraries

Follow these simple steps:

  • Right click on Windows Explorer icon on Taskbar.
  • A menu will appear. Right click on Windows Explorer and select Properties.

change Windows explorer target properties

You’ll see the following location in Target field of Properties dialog box:


settings of explorer to open libraries folder

Replace it with the following command:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

settings of explorer to open my computer folder

Click OK button to save and close the Properties dialogue box.

Now click on Explorer icon on taskbar. It’ll open My Computer folder location rather than Libraries.

Explorer.exe is located in Windows folder. You can find it in C:\Windows folder.

Please note that the default location of Explorer.exe is Libraries folder. The Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar is a shortcut of Explorer.exe. If you want to place a shortcut on desktop or any other location, you need to change the Target field of that shortcut as given above in this tutorial.

If you have any suggestions or problems about this tutorial, feel free to share in comments below.

If you like to enjoy tabbed Windows Explorer, you can try this article:

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