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Charge Note 5 with Comfort using Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are very convenient to charge not only mobile but any device. As compared to cable chargers, wireless charges don’t bother you with the cable hanging with your mobile all the time.

Galaxy Note 5 comes with wireless charger. The usage is really simple. Just lay the device on the surface/charging pad and it will start charging.

Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Wireless charges are usually available in a round plate like shape which is quite reliable for placing phone safely on it. Yet, a few variants might also grab your attention as well.

Use Wall Charger for Faster Charging

Did you know wall charger can charge the device faster than wireless charger? If you don’t have so much time to charge your device then wall charger can save your valuable time by charging faster.

Quick Charge 2 for Note 5

Note 5 Quick Charge 2.0 Advantage

Quick Charge 2.0 feature comes built-in with Galaxy Note 5. If you don’t already know about this technology then you might amazed to know that Quick Charge 2.0 allows the device to work for hours after just charging for 10-15 minutes. Quite amazing and useful, indeed.

How to Enable Quick Charge 2.0 in Galaxy Note 5?

You actually don’t need to do anything to enable this feature. Just use the wall charger that comes with the device. You’ll see a notification on screen when fast charging starts.

What to do if your Device was not Equipped with a Wall Charger?

Well, it shouldn’t happen but if it does, no need to shed tears. A lot of brands offer wall chargers with Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

Visit Amazon or any shopping center and you’ll find several brands selling this type of products. Watch description, read reviews and select the one you like for your device.


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