How to turn off/on spelling and grammar checks in a specific document of MS Word? This setting will apply to a single document.

Despite of numerous alternatives to Microsoft Office suite, it’s still the flagship in the long run. Certainly, there are few close alternative office bundle software that are known as strong rivals in the same industry, however, no matter how much better or even extra others are capable to do, Microsoft Office is still inevitable.

The reason is obvious. MS Office lets you create various types of documents ranging from a simple one page letter to a thousand pages book.

Another shocking fact (yes, it could be a shocking truth) is the familiarity. If you recall your earlier days, more than probable, MS Office is the first program for document, spreadsheets and presentations or may be database systems.

Open Office, LibreOffice, Kingsoft Office suite and a few others are usually not taught in our institutes. We get familiar to these innovations later after we get pretty comfortable with MS-Office programs.

Grammar and Spelling Check Feature

Grammar and spelling check feature are a great help for novice and intermediate level writers. It underlines the faulty part with different colors of line. Spelling errors are underlined with red and grammar errors are underlines with blue color.

Though spelling and grammar check features are included for better and error free writing, sometimes we don’t want this feature at all. It can really annoy when you want to write something of your choice in MS Office suite.

It’s not recommended to disable spelling feature at all, but it could be a good idea to disable grammar and spelling check service for a single document rather than applying it for all upcoming documents.

How to Disable Spelling and Grammar Check Feature in MS Word

  • Open the document file you want to apply disable checking and highlighting for grammar and spelling errors.
  • With the document opened, go to File -> Options. It will open options window.

ms word options panel

  • Select Proofing in the left pane. The corresponding options will appear in right side.

proofing for error checking

  • Under the head of Exception for section, you’ll see two options:

1-hide spelling errors in this document only and

2-hide grammar errors in this document only

Disable spellin grammar checks

  • Check one or both options according to your choice.
  • Hit OK button to save changes.

How to Enable Spelling and Grammar Check Feature in MS Word

Enabling spelling and grammar check in MS Word is quite similar to what you’ve just learnt above. Just uncheck the both options shown in the screenshot.

Enable spellin grammar checks microsoft office

It’s tested and works perfectly in MS Word 2013. It might work in other similar versions like MS Word 2016, 2010 and 365. If you use any of these versions, do let us know about your experience in comments below.


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