Bring title bar (Close, maximize and minimize) buttons to left side in Windows, just like Mac or Ubuntu. A free tool can do this job for you.

Microsoft Windows shows control box buttons on right side of title bar. While Apple Mac and Linux Ubuntu have these buttons placed on the left side of the title bar.

Mac and Ubuntu fans usually download different themes and skin packs for their Windows PC.

Almost everything is changed with skin pack or theme, except the title bar buttons in the title bar. These still remain on right side.

You may agree that the charm of the difference between Windows, Mac and Ubuntu feels in opposite positions of title bar buttons.

For most users, buttons on left side of title bar like Mac matters much more than any other visual changings. The theme, taskbar, icons and other visual effects seem like cheating without this left side buttons.

Meet LeftSider!

LeftSider is a tiny application that can shift the title bar buttons to the left side in Windows OS. This makes your theme or skin pack more precise to look like Mac OS or Ubuntu.

Left position of title bar buttons Windows

How to use LeftSider?

LeftSider is a freeware and portable application. You can download it from the link below:

Download Leftsider 

A very small ZIP application will be downloaded to your computer. Extract it to some folder or desktop.

Run the program.

It doesn’t have any visual interface. When you run this application it silently goes into Taskbar, shown in the screenshot below.

LeftInsider launcher in Taskbar

It automatically moves the titlebar buttons to the left side in Windows.

[box type=”warning”] Some applications need to be restarted (close and reopen) to take effect. So don’t panic if your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser was open and buttons position did not change to left. Just restart the browser and you’ll have it.[/box]

You’ll need to run LeftSider every time you log-on to your computer. But don’t worry if you don’t want to get into this extra job, create a shortcut of LeftSider and place it in Startup Folder. You can access Startup folder, copy and paste the following address in Windows Explorer:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

This is a simple way to make the LeftSider execute automatically whenever you logon to your computer.

[box type=”info”] Some applications have their own custom skin, such as media players, Office2013 and some others. Such software will not adopt the lift side title bar buttons. However, the majority of applications use Windows default controls. So you can ignore the few apps that don’t change their interface.[/box]

How to Move Buttons back to Right Side of Title Bar?

You can revert the LeftSider action and bring the buttons back to right side in the title bar.
There are two ways to do this:

  1. Toggle the left to right or right to left button movement. Right click on LeftSider icon in the Taskbar and click on on the left button.
  2. Right click on LeftSider icon in the Taskbar and click on Quit button.

LeftInsider launcher in Taskbar1

Enjoy better matching of your Mac or Ubuntu skin on Windows with Close, minimize and maximize buttons on the either side you want.


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