Microsoft’s Redstone update for Windows is whispered to release in June and October 2016. Yet more to discover.
While Windows 10 has passed through stable builds, another upcoming update, named Redstone, has leaked to raise the curiosity one level up.

It may seem overwhelming to public who were still trying to digest Windows 10 latest builds and RTM editions. The release of Windows 10 RTM took place in June 2015, however, the final editions are still to be announced from official sources. And Redstone has appeared as another milestone in the same route.

Microsoft Redstone Windows 10 2016

Though not officially backed up, yet the sources who leaked are pretty confident that the release date of Redstone will be divided into two parts: the first update will arrive in June 2016 while the second update of Redstone will be released will be reserved for October 2016.

These release are likely to be a part of Windows Insider program and will be released for test purpose before it hits the stable or final update. Rather than an isolated operating system, the strong chances are that it will be a part of Windows update. What makes it so special is that it would be a special and major update, but perhaps not the service pack for Windows 10.

What will be new in Redstone? New features in Redstone update is still a mystery as Microsoft is not answering any query on about Redstone. General thoughts are taking people to relate it to Windows 10.

While RTM has hit its release, it’s supposed that Redstone update will cover the missing feature of Windows 10 RTM in the final release of Windows 10.

Though the Redstone update is still over a year away, it might be a topic to postpone and focus on upcoming Windows 10 RTM and final edition, however, this update is worth noticing as a part of Win10 chain of announcements.

The concept of Redstone update will get vibrant as Windows 10 RTM arrives for public test.

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