Most of laptops and devices have built-in web cameras. But do you know any hacker can watch you via your web cam and even record your video and photos. You are a greatest risk of privacy and can be blackmailed easily.

Are you happy with your laptop and webcam? Yes, it’s great device that can be used to watch and record while you have conversation with your family and trustworthy friends. But do you want somebody watch you without your permission? Absolutely NOT at all.

Sometimes, you have to call some new person for some necessary private or official work vaia Skype or other voice and video messenger. You only want voice conversation but don’t know how to disable camera during conversation. Covering camera with some non-transparent (opaque) adhesive tape is also a simple idea, but you can’t carry such stuff always in your pocket or bag. So there should be a proper solution.

Do you know that hackers can manipulate your webcam? Hackers can access your camera to watch your activities any time live and record the video or photos. Who knows one day you or your linked person finds those video or photos online and your rest of life could become nothing more than a period in the hell? Your video can go viral. This is enough to ruin your as well as your loved ones lives. Don’t underestimate this issue.

The best solution is safety. You should only allow your webcam turned on when you are using it literally. After you have finished video conversation, turn your web camera off. Easy to say, but how to turn webcam on and off exactly when you want so? This is possible.

Several methods can be adopted to turn laptop camera on and off, but we are choosing the easiest way. A small and simple tool that can do this job for you in just a single push of button. This handy tools is called WebCam On-Off. The slogans says:

Don’t let your webcam spy on you

WebCam On-Off is a freeware software. Download it here.

Using this software is very easy. Open the application by double click (or whatever method you prefer).

Webcam on status indicator

There are two buttons: Enable (turn camera on) and Disable (turn camera off).

After you disable webcam, check your camera by opening any application that uses web cam. You’ll see No Device Error or some other error like this.

Web cam not found error dialog box

Indicator displays the on-off status of your web cam.

Webcam off status indicator

It also allows you to open Device Manager if you want turn on/off or check it yourself.

Access Device Manager for manual adjustment

It is supported on almost all version of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and later. Securing your privacy is your right. Never let your camera spy on you and work as an agent for hackers or blackmailers. Let me remind you again, keep your web cam turned OFF all times and only turn it ON when you are actually using it literally. After finishing conversation, turn it off immediately. No negligence is acceptable, neither for you nor for anybody else. So strictly stick to this rule.

At the end, you are highly encouraged to share your ideas, tips and tricks about webcam security issues. Your words can change someone’s life. Share your precious knowledge with others. Share this with your family, friends and everyone you can reach. Become a part of holy change. Remember me in your prayers.

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