The difference between torrent seeders and leechers is one of the vaguest question for torrent users. A lot of answers are there but most of them are not satisfactory.

Let’s make it clear and you’ll never need to get confused ever again when asked, “what are seeds and leechers in torrents“? Let’s hope so.

Before seeders and leechers, there are two other basic jargons called ‘seed’ and ‘leech’.

Before learning the difference between seeds and leechers, it would be nice idea to have a bit deeper idea about what torrents are and how do these work?

Torrent Seeders and Leechers Difference Copy Copy

Well, I am not going to give boring definitions or explanations. Just keeping it simple, torrents files are based on mutual help. If you download some stuff with torrent, the parts that is downloaded to your computer is used by other people who are downloading that file.

You may consider it as you have to act as a client and a server at the same time. But if you really want to pay thanks for free torrent, you ought to let torrent client program (uTorrent etc.) keep running even after you finished the download. This charity, which you’re offering for other fellows who are simultaneously downloading that specific torrent is called seeding. The new comers will also be able to take advantage of your support.

Seeding will help other people to download from your computer (only the stuff that you just downloaded with torrent client, not other system files).

If you use torrent for legal downloads then seeding is appreciable. Keep seeding as much as you can so that other people can download faster. And guess, if everybody starts this charity the downloading process will become really easy without hurting any server.

I think that’s enough to essentially know about how torrent system works. If you have confusions or need to know more, question us in comments and you will be answered.

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