You can use your favorite browser as text editor to make your life easier. You can take notes in browser tab while exploring the Internet. Perform basic operations and save as HTML file.

Web browsers are making our lives easier with additional features in every major update. One day browsers might be able to replace several software that are required to be installed for different purposes.

Some prominent alternative tasks that browsers can perform are reading PDF files in browser, open different media files including video, audio and images etc. Google Chrome has some extensions and apps that can be used to create, open, edit and manage Office documents.

Here is another simple yet useful task that can be performed right inside web browser, which is using browser as a simple text editor. Text editors are the simple programs that are used to create, open, edit and save text files. Notepad in Microsoft Windows is a popular example of text editor.

One of the major advantage of using browser as a text editor is that you can open a blank tab as text editor to take useful notes while browsing your favorite informative sites. It can also be a useful idea when Notepad or any text editor gets crashed. Advantages can be numerous, depending on everyone’s separate requirements.

All you have to do is open your browser, type the following and hit Enter key.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Now click anywhere inside browser window, a cursor will appear. Start typing just like you type in text editor. You can open another tab and open your favorite website, find some important points, copy and paste them in text editor tab.

I have tested this in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. It worked flawlessly. But Internet Explorer does not support this feature.

Here are screenshots in browsers:

Text editor in Google Chrome

use Google Chrome as text editor

Text Editor in Mozilla Firefox

 use Mozilla Firefox as a simple text editor

Text Editor in Opera Browser

 opera as notepad with spell checker

Although there are no sophisticated option like font type, font size and other options, yet it’s very handy for simple text tasks. You can save the file just like you save other web pages. The text will be saved in .html file format.

A remarkable advantage you avail in browser text editor is spelling checker. Google Chrome browsers has built-in spelling checker that works with text editor as well.

Share your story and feedback how you find this editor, any drawbacks or additional features that are not covered here. Your response matters!


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