Updating Mozilla Firefox to latest version is crucial on every new release as it covers security and other important updates. Let’s make this easier and faster without any hassle. This tutorial will help you in this regard.

Mozilla Firefox has been one of the best web browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms including mobile operating systems. Since the developers are always trying their best to provide the best browser to Firefox users, it needs to be updated regularly.

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There are usually two methods to update Firefox to latest version:

Most probably, Firefox auto update system will detect the new released version and prompts or starts updating it automatically.

In some cases, you have to update it manually by going to Mozilla Firefox website and download the fresh and newest version. After download is complete, you need to install it.

You might be thinking that Firefox can update it automatically or you can do it manually, then we mean by fast update?

Well, it’s a  way between automatic and manual update. But much easier and faster than manual method.

How to use fast update in Firefox?

First of all, let me tell you that there is no built in ‘fast update’ option in Firefox. But this is a shortcut yet reliable trick to do that. Just follow the given instructions below:

  • Click on Firefox menu button.
  • Click on Help menu button.

Firefox menu help

  • Click About Firefox button.

about Firefox menu item

A dialog box will appear containing some information and you’ll see that check for new version is automatically performed. If there is a new version available, it will start downloading as minimum as possible size.
Don’t close the dialog box until the download is complete. After completion, you’ll be prompted to rest art Firefox to apply updates. After restart ( restart of Firefox, not Windows restart) you can go to about dialog box again and you will see the version has been updated, (Mine was already updated).
firefox is up to date

If you are using a very old version of Firefox, it probably needs two times or more to repeat the above steps until the latest version is reached. This is because after some versions, Firefox makes a major change in their browser and you have to pass through all those milestones. In case if you have a very old version of Firefox, we recommend you to manually download a newest version of Mozilla Firefox from their official website rather than adopting automatic or fast methods. It will save you from repetitive updates. Moreover, you can save the latest downloaded file for future installations. This will increase the chances that you have more recent version to install rather than the previous obsolete one that you have installed earlier.

If you encounter any problem or need any help. Feel free to express it with us. Cheers!

After update, you may also like to take some advantage of spelling checker feature. Here is a guide to enable spelling checker in Firefox browser:

Firefox Spelling Checker Turn ON / OFF as You Type in Browser


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