YouTube is currently largest resource of videos of almost every type. It also contains some videos that are purposed only for adults over eighteen years (18+) and not safe for youngsters. It’s not only limited to sexual content but it includes violence, abusive material and crimes videos as well. If you have kids or younger folks at your home, you surely would not want them to access such “rubbish” videos. To overcome his issue, YouTube has included a Safety Mode option on their website. This option can be turned on or off according to user’s choice. Turning this on or off will filter the search results according to your preferences. Let’s learn how to use this option.

youtube safety enable disable

How to Turn YouTube Safety Mode On or Off?

  • Go to in any browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc).
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see some options there. One of them will be ‘Safety Off” or “Safety On” with a small arrow icon facing downwards. On or Off label with Safety option depends on whatever settings you have already been using.
  • To turn parental control On, click on the Safety option/button mentioned in above step and it will show some information with two radio buttons; on and off.\
  • In order to turn safety mode On, select “On” option and hit Save button to enable this option.

turn off safety mode youtube

  • Now you can browse YouTube safely without encountering inappropriate content for you and your family.

Is it really safe to Turn On Safety mode this way?

Well, you just make a good attempt to filter inappropriate content for your kids and family. But you probably guess that anyone can reverse the above process and turn off safety mode on YouTube. Is the above effort useless? No, it’s not. You just have to use above method in a more secure and better way; that is Sign in to your Google account. Let’s see how to do this easily:

  • Sign in to YouTube with your Google account credentials (Gmail, blogger, Google Drive etc).
  • Now just like steps given above, go to bottom of page and turn safety mode On. The advantage of signing in is that you’ll see an additional option of “Lock safety mode on this browser” just under the On and Off options.
  • Hit this option. You may be asked to re-enter you Google account password. Type it.
  • Your parental control setting will be saved and will be locked to browser.

turn off safety mode youtube

What does ‘Locked to Browser’ mean in YouTube?

When safety mode control setting is locked to browser, nobody can toggle it until he/she is logged in. let’s try it.

  • Sign out of your account.
  • Now scroll to bottom of page and click on Safety button/option. Is there anything different than before? Yes, it tell you that this mode is turned on by a user on this browser, to unlock this option, you must sign in first.

Though it doesn’t ensure high level of security, it’s not easy for a kid or any person who is not familiar enough with such tricky options. Moreover, when your kids or family members find that you have turned on and locked this option. They will ethically not toggle this option.

Is YouTube Safety mode 100% Accurate?

YouTube safety filter mostly depends on categorizing as age restricted content by the person who uploads the video, flags by users as inappropriate content and some other filtering signals by YouTube. The safety mode filter is not 100% precise, but it saves you from most of inappropriate content. So the answer to our question is NO, unfortunately. But much better than doing nothing. You may expect over 80% accuracy and safety.

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